Many links to websites related to geographic education can be found on the CAG webpages
The following links are from the original CAGED website.  Not all have been verified or updated.
Canadian Links

This site has information about up coming conferences, how to become involved at different capacities as a student or an academic. There is access to The Canadian Geographer, a published journal from CAG as well as the GAG Newsletter.
This site has information on how to become a member, and two quarterly publications. Cartographica is an internationally published journal. Cartouche is the CCACC newsletter.

This site offers two types of resources: teaching resources (ideas and lesson plans) and geography links. The lesson plans range in topics around natural resources and resource management issues suitable for the Intermediate to Senior level. The geography links mainly cover topics in physical geography, with a few links to human geography and natural resources and are useful to learn of other related links.

This site has information on upcoming conferences, principal activities of the organization, membership information and related administration news.
This website includes educational resources in conventional forms such as videos (a list and description is included) and speakers as well as non-conventional forms such as touring a GSC office. There are links to educational sites which are information rich but are mostly of physical geography issues. News of upcoming and past EdGeo conference which are Earth Science workshops for Canadian teachers are posted.

This website has rich resources for teachers and students at all levels.
This site contains information on the bi-monthly publication of the Canadian Geographic and the French version géographica. This site contains information on geography education activities such as the annual The Great Canadian Geography Challenge, lectures and scholarships for students pursuing research at the graduate level.
International Geographical Union
This is an international website that attempts to bring together geography organizations and its members to promote geography problems and research, to collaborate on research and to standardize methods, nomenclature, and symbols employed in geography.

International Bibliography of Geographic Education Research
International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography in Higher Education
American Geographic Society
This is an organization that is predominantly represented by Americans, although a few International members are involved. The goal of this organization is to support activities that expand geographical knowledge.

Association of American Geographers
This organization has a scientific and educational interests. This organization is strengthens its ties with geography through Geographic Education, Annual Meetings, Regional Events, and Newsletters/Journals/Books.
National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (NCGIA)
This organization independent and composed of three institutions: University of California, Santa Barbara; the University at Buffalo; and the University of Maine. This organization performs basic research and education in geographic information science and its related technologies, including geographic information systems (GIS).

National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE)
National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)
This association is the largest in the United States that promotes, advocates for and supports teachers in Social Studies.
National Geographic Society
This website is the electronic representation of the National Geographic Magazine. This site offers lesson plans, maps, a link to 50 state geography teacher associations and a Newsletter for educators.

Great Britain
The Geographic Association
The Geographical Association is the national organization for geography teachers. This site includes teaching resources, news on conferences and up to date issues in geographical teaching.

Ordnance Survey
This organization produces maps and map products. However, it is also a supporter of Geography Education through their Donation of Maps to Elementary and Intermediate students.
Royal Geographical Society
This organization supports geography and geographers through support for research, education and training.
National Subject Centre for Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Centre for Active Learning in Geography, Environment and Related Disciplines
Geography Discipline Network